Science and all present rational knowledge give us a solid basis to believe in a fatalism, determinist or not, that governs everything, a mechanics that have governed the creation of the galaxies as well as the appearance of the life on the Earth giving rise to as complex forms as we ourselves. A blind execution of nature drags all the well-known without considering the individual beings as independent.

On the other hand, music and the art in general elevate towards summits from whose height the world of the ideas is kissed, so moved away of the misery. Far, where nothing has but essences, the only place where the individual being is really everything, there rests all greatness and smallness.

It is desired to conciliate so discordant passions and the sparks are observed of so stormy confrontation. The dialogues are a double exhibition of the objective against the subjective thing, the universal against the imperceptible thing, the concrete against the ethereal thing, the finite against the infinite thing, science against the artistic expressions, the man against the man. Just one being is to be derived from them, an unique being who reasons and feels: the human being. Once a subject is given we have a double interpretation, we confront and... and finally what? In the end, only a world is and another one wishes to be able to be, remaining desire in resignation. In the end, the firm things remain and the volatile things fall when favorable winds do not blow. A fall that becomes another flight else. The eternal thing cannot stop being eternal and nature cannot stop being nature.